Woven Sky

Wang Wen-Chih Woven Sky photograph Michaél Beaty

Woven Sky

Sandra Conte


1 February 2014

A 100 metre bamboo tunnel and tower structure presented a monumental welcoming statement to a world festival. Crafted through collaborative effort and by the design and direction of Taiwanese master sculptor Wang Wen-Chih, the installation, entitled ‘Woven Sky’ was completed over several weeks in December 2013 at Woodfordia, the site of the renowned Woodford Folk Festival. The commission forms an extended entrance to an amphitheatre, the largest venue on the site and scene of many festival performances to which the installation also provides a spectacular backdrop. Bamboo and local materials were employed in a design to create a place of peaceful reflection integrated with the landscape of the east coast hinterland of Australia. A joint project with Cave Urban of Sydney, Australia, and architect, Nici Long, Wang Wen-Chih built it with a team of 30 people. The process for preparing the bamboo poles is by splitting them into four pieces with a device created by Wen-Chih himself. As an ephemeral structure the longevity is predicted to be around three years, seeing out several more iterations of the annual festival. Read more about Wang Wen-Chih Read more about the experience by artist Corrie Wright

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