Wang Wen-Chih

Wang Wen-Chih, photograph supplied courtesy Woodford Folk Festival.

Wang Wen-Chih

Sandra Conte

1 February 2014

Wang Wen-Chih was born in 1959 in the mountains of Chiayi Country in Taiwan where he lives today. A fine arts graduate and postgraduate in China, he has also studied in France.

By combining bamboo, wood and rattan his installations provide immersive experiences for the viewer transforming spaces to establish connectivity between the body and nature. The handmade weaving skills employ traditional techniques learned by the artist in the mountains of his homeland. Building such structures involve volunteer participation.

Wang Wen-Chih’s Woodford Folk Festival commission commenced on December 3, 2013 for three weeks, with food and a campsite supplied to the team. Read more about the experience by artist Corrie Wright.


2013 Setouchi Triennale 2013, Shodoshima, Japan

HÖHENRAUSCH.3: The Art of Towers, O.K Centre for Contemporary Art, Austria

2012 Water and Land Niigata Art Festival, Niigata City, Japan

“Song of the Forest” (public art), Alishan Forest Village, Chiayi City

2011 “Rippling Moonlit Talk”(public art), Lantan Lake Tourist District, Chiayi City

2010 International Setouchi Art Festival Shodoshima, Japan

Taiwan Garden “Sky”, Taipei

International Flora Exposition 2010, Taiwan

2009 “Cloud Soaring Hand”, Taipei Deaflympics, Taipei, Taiwan

Niigata Water and Land Art Festival 2009, Niigata City, Japan

2007 Prague Quadrennial 07, Industrial Palace, Prague, Czech Republic

2001 Taiwan Pavilion, The 49th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy

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