View from eARTh

View from eARTh

Sandra Conte

28th May 2013

To celebrate the release of its inaugural issue, eARTh emag is jam-packed with global content with all advertising gifted, as a gesture of goodwill and commitment, to a brave new world where the mighty dollar might not dominate and where collaboration is considered key to creating a sustainable future.

eARTh’s simple mandate is to support the arts and artists who support the earth. Operating at the intersection of art and environment, eARTh brings stories of creative eco-arts leadership and arts practices to inspire and motivate readers towards positive global change.

Dedicated to the Balance Unbalance International Conference 2013, this first issue is launched amidst a global academic presence which also includes the artists and attendees of the parallel Floating Land festival; our glorious cover image references both events.

eARTh is for a cross-section of readers, from academics to corporate crusaders, educators, activists, ‘earthy kids’, families and artists, who make the world a better place.

eARTh is cutting-edge and free-spirited with an emphasis on images complemented by conversational text. While eARTh acknowledges critical issues, it does so without judgement in order to promote positive, meaningful dialogue.

Please read to discover that eARTh e-mag is replete with pages true to its acronym - every Artist Responds To her’.

Sandra Conte

eARTh e-mag is grateful of concept development funding by Moreton RADF (Regional Arts Development Fund) and Arts Queensland.

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