Talent Unearthed

Talent Unearthed

Sandra Conte


1 February 2014

Indigenous Fashion Unearthed Project participants Chantell Waho-Moo, featured on eARTh emag’s February cover (in a photo by Wayne Quilliam), and photographer Jason McNally share a little about their heritage, aspirations and experience with the program.


“My Maori tribe/iwi is Ngati Maniapoto and my island on my Cook Island side is Mitiaro. I started in the project when I was 18 years old hoping to undertake fashion designing, instead, I undertook modelling. Being a part of the program as a model has given me the chance to meet some beautiful souls and has brought me closer not only to my Maori culture but also to the Aboriginal culture. The confidence and opportunities I have gained just throughout the Indigenous Fashion Unearthed Project are amazing and the experience is a milestone I will live with forever. I have now undertaken studies to be a fashion designer”.


Born of an Irish/Australian father and an Aboriginal mother from Brewarrina/Ngemba country, Jason runs his business Nomadic Visions Photography from Melbourne, Australia.

In his own words, “Photography is something I have been interested in for a long time. I have always had a desire to be creative but struggled to identify with any medium until I picked up a camera. I finally felt like I was able to be expressive and holding the camera in my hands was a power.”

“Empowering our young and mature Indigenous people alike is important to me, it helps them believe in themselves and gives them a sense of direction in life. The IFU Project has increased their self-esteem and self-belief that they can do anything that they try their hand at and it’s a way for me to stay involved within the community while living away from my home. It gives me great pride to be involved in the IFU Project and there is no greater satisfaction than to see young Indigenous people succeed”.

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