Shellie Morris

Shellie Morris plays the Boomerang Festival October 4 and 5.

Shellie Morris

Sandra Conte

1 October 2013

Shellie Morris, Boomerang star, has played the world over. She performed her song “Swept Away” at the opening of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver with the Black Arm Band – a  collaboration of Australia’s top Indigenous artists and jazz musicians including artists such as Archie Roach. Shellie also features in the Australian film ‘Murundak - Songs of freedom’, a documentary on Aboriginal protest music following The Black Arm Band from the concert halls of the Sydney Opera House to remote Aboriginal communities of the Northern Territory.  Singing with the Black Arm Band, Shellie is featured on their tracks along with the Yanyuwa Songwomen of Borroloola.

Shellie’s release of Ngambala Wiji li-Wunungu [Together We Are Strong] is a career highlight andis being flagged as her most important work to date, after all, it is the first album by an Indigenous Australian contemporary female singer/songwriter, sung entirely in Indigenous languages of the Gulf Country.

In working with family members from Shellie’s Grandmother’s country in Borroloola on Ngambala Wiji li-Wunungu [Together We Are Strong], there is a merging of Shellie’s contemporary vocals with that of her ancient ancestors.

Deeply connected to her homeland of Australia, Shellie outlines on her website, how the emotional connection she felt during her first adult visit to country had her burst into tears. She goes on to explain, “There’s something about the desert in Australia, it feels so untouched and like it was when it began.”

Through her intimate musical storytelling, Shellie  is committed to her work  among Indigenous communities; she is also an ambassador for the Fred Hollows Foundation (an organisation undertaking blindness prevention in Australian Aboriginal communities, Asia, Africa and the Pacific) and an ambassador for The Jimmy Little Foundation (established to help improve kidney health in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities).

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