Recycled Mats feature Indigenous Designs

Recycled mats are great for around the home and brightening confined spaces.

Recycled Mats feature Indigenous Designs

Sandra Conte

1 February 2014

Save the planet and your floor with recycled, durable floor mats. Machine woven from recycled polypropylene to create a lightweight finish, the benefit of woven recycled plastic (from materials like polypropylene, car tyres and PET drink bottles) is a soft, warm surface to walk or lie on that washes clean. They are ultra-hard wearing and there are no toxic materials used in the production or dyeing processes, making them planet friendly.

These exclusive Aboriginal, Torres Strait Island and New Zealand mat designs invite you to celebrate Indigenous art and culture with rich colours and educational motifs commissioned from both Indigenous Australian and New Zealand Maori artists. So versatile and resilient, given the machine woven threads are UV treated to survive in and outdoors, the mats can be used inside or outside – from the classroom to the camping ground. They’re extremely popular as childcare mats, thanks to their bright colours and lightweight, comfortable texture and are easily washed with soapy water, so there’s no need for harsh chemical cleansers. They make fantastic multicultural resources for teachers or vibrant additions to any home, office or community space.

Recycled Mats, trading as Global Kids Oz, is a proud member of the Indigenous Art Code. As a signatory to the Indigenous Art Code they are committed to ethical and transparent business dealings with Indigenous artists and abiding by the standards set out in the code. Recycled Mats was the first business to create Indigenous Australian recycled mats and is the leader in design, variety and as far as we know is the only business to be accepted into the Indigenous Art Code as a member for this unique product. We are working with more and more local artists all the time to continually bring new designs, colours and concepts to the marketplace to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture. We are working with Torres Strait Island artists to introduce a unique range of TSI mats in 2014.

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