Rainbow Nation

Hayden Hack Infusion

Rainbow Nation

Alana Hall


1 October 2013

Sunshine Coast music collective Hayden Hack Infusion combine a funk, Afro and psychedelic aesthetic fronted by South African main man and guitarist Hayden Hack. Essentially sharing a vibe with the likes of Fela Kuti and a circa 70’s Zappa, the band incorporates West African percussion, a three-piece horn section, acidy guitar arrangements and a conscious social commentary.

In 2009, Hayden Hack wrote the song ‘Rainbow Nation’ – a tribute to his fellow countryman and hero Nelson Mandela and as an expression of his own desire to see a world living in peace and harmony. “Being from South Africa, Nelson Mandela has always been an inspiration to me for his endless commitment to racial equality, unity and peace. Even from his prison cell on Robbin Island he held the hearts of so many South Africans, and he still does at 95 years old, he is amazing,” said Hack.

A sentiment of peace and unity, the term ‘Rainbow Nation’ was coined by Archbishop Desmond Tutu to describe post-apartheid South Africa and encapsulated multi-culturalism and the coming-together of people of many different nations, in a country once identified with the strict division of white and black.

Regulars on the Australian community festival circuit, the band recognises the value of festivals in connecting people, nature and humanity, citing Woodford Folk Festival and Kuranda Roots Festival as two of the most naturally beautiful gatherings they have experienced. Hack explains, “Festivals are an environment in which people let go a bit more and feel communal, the way it needs to be all the time in life. It’s all about working together for a common goal in unity; without music and festivals, there would be no humanity”.

On a broader scale, Hack is concerned that there is not enough music in the mainstream with conscious lyrics, songs that can bring change or enlighten people to a certain issue. “I am very concerned also about our environment because it seems the vast majority of the population and the powers that be don’t really care what happens.” he said.

While things may seem bleak, the front man and his band maintain a positive outlook as reflected in the lyrics of their song ‘A Mirror’ – We have the strength to break down the walls of our past / We have the strength to then make this last / We have the power of mind to create a new future / We have the power of consciousness, sub-consciousness not to be led by fear.

The band release their debut album in the coming months, go to



Rainbow Nation lyrics
A tribute to Nelson Mandela

Written by Hayden Hack


An African man

I am

Born into a Rainbow Nation

The colour of our skin no matter no

It’s the blood that-

It’s the blood that run

See my history could be better

I have never been much of a reader

but the way I, I see it

We grow all our Knowledge through experience

And I lived it

Watched it as a child every day

As an

An African man

I am

Born into a Rainbow Nation

The colour of our skin no matter no

It’s the blood that

It’s the blood that run

From a family (repeat)

See for most of his life-time of 27 years

They exiled him to an island

out of fear

And they almost almost sent him blind

Through forcing him to dig down, down, down deep in the quarries of lime

For his “crimes against humanity”????

No, no they didn’t see

No, no they didn’t see

What is Unity

He was a visionary

He was a Visionary eeeeehhh!!

Then as as he walked out with his head held high

Screaming AMANDLA!!! (power in Zulu)

With his fist in the sky

Singin’ freedom for all

Freedom, freedom for all (repeat)

Cause we know that everything will be OK, one day

OK OK OK OK OK one day

One day...

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