New Kid on the Woodford Block

Self-portrait, Photography by Martin Ollman

New Kid on the Woodford Block

Sandra Conte

1 October 2013

Reasonably new to the creative landscape of Woodfordia is photographer Martin Ollman, whose work not only graces our back cover but throughout two of our stories. eARTh asked  Martin a few questions about this festival and why he now savours the role of ‘repeat photographer’, he has also generously shared a gallery from his Woodford portfolio.

How long have you been photographing the Woodford Folk Festival?
This year will be my second, I will be doing it for the rest of my life which makes me happy.

What would be the top five ‘best moments’ for you in your photographs at Woodford and why?
3 minutes of silence - powerful pause to remember and respect; Shane Howard 20 years Solid Rock anniversary set; Julia Gillard and Bob Hawke ‘shooting the breeze’ on stage; Festival Director Bill Hauritz and former Rolling Stone Tour manager Sam Cutler (Interview); Sunrise over the Glasshouse Mountains on New Year’s Day 2013.

Martin’s prints are available through

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