Naturally Inspired

Naturally Inspired

Sandra Conte

28th May 2013

eARTh chatted with Sandy Barclay, from Cooroy near Noosa, Australia, about how she stumbled upon combining her great passions of jewellery and environment. In Sandy’s words...

Eco Earth Creative evolved through love of jewellery, creativity, environment, sustainability and everything natural. My inspirations come from the natural environment, memory and connection to place. Places where I have enjoyed living, such as the mighty Murray River in South Australia, the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree with its ancient rainforests to travels through Europe, New Zealand, Vietnam and the magical India have all inspired my connection to place. Now living in the creative hub of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve I am constantly inspired to create from our beautiful environment.

Designing from earth’s treasures and creating recycled gems from discarded bottles underpins the passion for my craft. The unique zebra stone from the Kimberley of West Australia still remains a geological mystery as to how the unique patterns of rhythmic stripes and dots are formed in the stone. The recycled gems formed from broken glass evolve from the tumbler as if they have been rolling on the ocean bed for many years transposing their journey. The glass is drilled under water and prepared for the creative process, where every piece is unique. These natural elements and many more inspire my creativity from mother earth.
Images contributed: Recycled Gem, Unique Zebra Stone and recycled glass.

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