Mother Earth inspires Rayma Eveson

Mother Earth inspires Rayma Eveson

Alana Hall

28th May 2013

Rayma Eveson’s love and appreciation of Mother Earth is evident in her thoughtful, emotive pastel illustrations depicting stories of love, wonder and magic. Riding a horse is like riding a God,” Rayma Eveson tells me with a glint of exhilaration in her eyes. Growing up in country Victoria, Rayma helped break horses in as a child, a hobby driven by a great love of horses and a large degree of fearlessness.

Her love for all creatures great and small and respect for Mother Earth is evident in the delight she takes introducing her dogs Harry and Lulu, and a trek to the back of her property to show a special fig tree she planted some twenty years ago. And she is mindful not to be wasteful. An old mattress is not carted off to the tip but pulled apart; the coir used to line the pond, the foam cut up and used for spills and the inner springs now growing with vine.

Respect for nature was something passed onto Rayma and her siblings by her mother. “Mum grew up in the bush and found great solace there; she taught us to be still, something I don’t think many parents teach, to listen for the different sounds, to feel the different textures of barks and fungi, to use all our senses.

“I remember one day Mum found a little billabong, it was warm and sunny, we were watching fairy wrens and dragonflies and I noticed these Venus fly trap plants. They were so tiny and beautiful. They had little red hairs around their mouths, at the end of each hair there was a droplet of sticky liquid. I touched one and it closed, all five of us knelt down for about ten minutes, absolutely fascinated with these amazing, tiny specimens.

I have taught our children the same love and respect for nature. They were lucky enough to grow up in the rainforest and the three of them would go off exploring together. I feel it’s been an absolute privilege to give our children this experience, they have a real connectivity with nature and I think that brings them peace in what sometimes seems to be a mad, rushed world.

“My love and respect for nature is definitely reflected in my work. Art is an unspoken dialogue and I know I paint from the heart, with all my soul. My art is emotion on paper and I can’t tell you how much joy this brings me, first to be able to create it and, second, to have someone want to buy it because it stirs their emotions; they find it fun or beautiful or maybe because it opens up their heart and takes them to a different place. I love creating my art because it has love, wonder and magic in it, just like the real world.

“Point Cartwright (on Australia’s Sunshine Coast) is one of my favourite places I go to clear my head. I take the dogs and we walk along the river path around the rocks to the Kawana side of the Point, I love it when it’s windy, the feeling of the wind on my face, when it’s all around you and almost through you. It’s wild and I feel free there, it reminds me of being a kid riding horses. That long horizon line is relaxing to see and the blues so calming, it’s very therapeutic.

Motherhood diverted Rayma from her path of artistry for some time but with her children all grown up, she is back to finding that part of herself. “As a young artist, I used to think creating a realistic artwork was important, now I have much more fun with it, I’ve realised life doesn’t have to be taken so seriously”,
a notion clearly evident in her upcoming exhibition entitled, ‘The Magic of Circus’.

“I’m a child at heart and what child, or adult, for that matter, doesn’t love a circus? I can’t stop my over-active imagination so I’ve learnt to run with it. Imagining is really thinking of the possibilities and then bringing them to fruition”.

Images: The Garden, Mother Earth, Planet Starfish
Rayma Eveson by her favourite fig tree. Photograph by Alana Hall.

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