Monster-fun at the Woodford Folk Festival!

Monster-fun at the Woodford Folk Festival!

Sandra Conte

1 October 2013

Head to this year’s Woodford Folk Festival with your inner monster! Don’t take that as an invitation to misbehave, it’s about getting in touch with your creative side at this family-friendly festival, which has a dedicated Children’s section.

Look at the detail on the festival poster (pictured) and you’ll see a sea of symbols and images representing the pool of ideas at the heart of the event, conjuring up the refreshingly ‘old-worldy’ words of - pilgrimage, journey, rhapsody, artistry, balladry, mystery, generosity, tradition, lore and melody.

The 2013/14 Festival theme takes inspiration from the Mahatma Gandhi quote, “The only devils in this world are those running around in our own hearts, and that is where all our battles should be fought”. As such, five through to 11 year olds have been working with the Woodford Folk Festival on ‘The Monster Project.’ Primary school children have produced drawings and exhibitions of their monsters, while teenagers have taken inspiration from those images towards helping with the production of giant monster puppets to be designed and built by Kneehigh arts company with Woodford Fire Event Director, Joey Ruigrok van der Werven. The monster puppets will feature in the Festival’s Spectacular and Ceremony events such as the Opening

Ceremony, nightly street processions and the Fire Event. Younger artists whose designs have been handpicked as inspirations of the monster puppets, will be invited to be part of the Opening Ceremony to provide an ambassadorial welcome.

Maybe by engaging with your inner monster you can think about ways of being responsible for your environment, making good choices with your lunch boxes by avoiding plastic packaging, or how to keep festivals rubbish-free. Every little bit helps and many festivals, like Woodford, do their bit to keep things sustainable and green, so don’t let your monster let them down.

Look out for the Woodford Program Release on October 19. You can also explore the monster creations on the Woodford Folk Festival facebook page.

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