Mimi Designs make their mark

Mia Brennan with Indigenous model Renee Flavell, photography Wayne Quilliam.

Mimi Designs make their mark

Sandra Conte


1 February 2014


Bare hands unravel cloth, fabric borne from the earth
after resting underground with clay, leaves, and ochre.

– Mia Brennan, Fashion Designer

Mia Brennan, designer of the award winning fashion label Mimi Designs, draws influence from the environment, inclusive of her Indigenous culture and the beauty that surrounds the area of Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. This affects both her process and the style of fashion produced under her label. From signature jumpsuits to sassy bodices, tribal wrap dresses to timeless camisoles, Mia creates an earthy elegance, each piece a unique entity of soft, flowing lines formed with organic fibres and a contemporary style.

Mia’s connection to nature and earth is reflected in many of her designs with patterns on her fabric that resemble the trails left by insects as they burrow through the bark, the hand-dyed fabric with turmeric, paprika and tea to the layering of fabric to capture the texture of the bark.

Mia also reflects on her time with the IFU (Indigenous Fashion Unearthed) Project: “We as Indigenous designers had the rare opportunity to have the supermodels of tomorrow displaying some of our work and they are Indigenous. This project is wonderful and an initiative created to provide a platform for young Indigenous people who have talent and a passion for fashion!”


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