LIPOA – Little Piece of Africa

Nantie Dress (Print)

LIPOA – Little Piece of Africa

Sandra Conte

1 February 2014

Mixing the inspirations of her surrounds, the bold culture, textures and vibrant colours, Kristy Fair strives to create unique, striking pieces blending traditional African wear with contemporary fashion.

Kristy Fair is a child of Africa. She is also one of a new crop of designers with an eco-conscience. Tribal colours from Capetown combined with beading and unique prints provide an outgoing option for women wishing for both casual and relaxed formal wear.

The current collection is a fresh selection of shorts, tunic dresses, tailored jackets, soft flowing tops set off by glass bead necklaces. It is Kristy’s own hand embroidering which completes the detail to her designs, something she says she loves to do - “I was taught to embroider by my mother and grandmother from a young age and I guess the creativity is embedded in me”.

Kristy also shares the specific inspirations of her work - “My inspiration for prints come from the Ndebele Tribe who paint their houses differently to express themselves. In RSA, tribes have unique styles in the way they dress – so many different people, so many different cultures. I’m inspired particularly by the Maasai Tribe where red is the prominent colour and neck pieces are artistic”.

Without the luxury of online shopping from businesses in South Africa, Kristy travels between South Africa and Australia to transport her Little Piece of Africa’.

Recently teaming up with Erin Hassall of Erin Hassall Designs, Kristy has entered into a collaborative venture titled ‘HOUSE OF nate’ which she explains was borne “a mutual love of fashion, style and colour. It’s really exciting teaming up. ‘Nate’ is Swahili for ‘seams’ so it was the perfect name to combine our two labels.”

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Nantie dress with tribal necklace

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