Floating Land

Floating Land

Sandra Conte


28th May 2013

(Photo: Virginia King, Cradle of Life, Floating Land, 2009, Photograph by Raoul Slater)

The 10 Day Floating Land Festival, a biennale running May 31 to June 9, 2013 presents a sea of talent; It provides a forum for dialogue and innovative thinking with a swathe of artists addressing environmental issues for visitors to see and experience.

Floating Land, a Sunshine Coast Council initiative, was originally conceived by former Noosa Gallery Director, Kevin Wilson, in 2001 as an outdoor sculpture exhibition. It has gone from strength to strength, now proudly standing in its seventh iteration, incorporating a range of art forms - presentations and interactive activities, written and spoken word, storytelling, poetry, traditional and contemporary dance, film screenings, satire, visual art exhibitions, studio trails, weaving workshops and concerts.

The 2013 theme of ‘Nature’s Dialogue’ encourages artists (local and international) and community to explore the science of nature and its ingenuity through immersive workshops, performances, installations and presentations that celebrate biodiversity, merging arts and culture with science and the environment. This thematic framework is drawn from ‘biomimicry’, bringing the science of nature deeply into the conversation and providing a powerful platform for the creative industries, science, technology and culture to enter simultaneously.

A rich forum for contributing to positive global change through education and conversations, Floating Land champions environmental awareness through the arts utilising processes and materials without adverse environmental impact.

There are also virtual global platforms so ‘world-away’ artists, academics and communities can participate from a distance. The artistic diversity offered through this digital interface presents a range of interactive and engaging experiences while conveying the messages of these conversations, ideas and visions.
See more of the Floating Land artists throughout this edition of eARTh e-mag which has been accorded partnership status to the event.

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