First Word

First Word

Sandra Conte

28th May 2013

We all live here, we’re all human beings, we all have the same sort of purpose, looking after the earth.

Look at it and take it in... moving very lightly treading and trying not to disturb anything… you gain a great deal of respect for the place... and the connection, you just have this ‘full-on’ feeling of home and ‘belongingness’ and harmony... when you leave it as it is...

You look into the mangroves... I always think about the mudcrabs, that’s one of my favourite foods...lining the banks of the Noosa River... cruising up there...on a canoe...I think of a river as a place for exploring... finding the food to survive…

Lyndon Davis, Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi Elder

(Lyndon Davis referencing the Noosa Everglades, from ‘River of Mirrors’ collaboration Lyndon Davis and Leah Barclay, Transient Landscapes CD compilation from the Sound Mirrors Installation, 2010

Acknowledging First Nations

Prior to commencing the stories in this new, global emag, eARTh wishes to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we write, the Gubbi Gubbi community and their ancestral spirits who walked this land.

Particular gratitude to the leadership of Mr Lyndon Davis of the Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi people whose words and wisdom continue to inspire us. Lyndon’s dedication to community and environmental education, his performances with the Gubbi Gubbi Dancers, true stories of bush tucker and survival through sustainable practices, teaches all age groups from the very young to the elderly.

We take a leaf out of this new e-mag to salute Lyndon’s contribution to life-long learning, teaching us to respect people, their cultures, the environment, its land and water. Lyndon will again perform at the Floating Land festival, with the ‘Wunya’ (Welcome) Ceremony which also involves the Attakkalari dance company from Bangalore, who grace the cover of the first edition of eARTh e-mag. The ceremony with rich layered projections by James Muller and the incomparable Michel Tuffery, an original score composed by Andrew Veivers and performed by the Floating Land Orchestra, will be directed by Sam Coward.

Lyndon will also be involved in Floating Land with the Gubbi Gubbi Gun’doo Yang’ga’man Canoe Project Installation, resulting from documented research and reconstruction of a traditional bark canoe, present onsite for the duration of Floating Land at Boreen Point. This revitalisation of traditional craft is both simple and genius allowing us to bear witness to the true meaning of sustainable practices.
(Photo: Firings, Lyndon Davis, Floating Land 2011, Photograph by Raoul Slater.)

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