Eco-Savvy Plus

“Check out this awesome swing dress I am dying to buy” – Sonya Photograph courtesy Lorraine Hall

Eco-Savvy Plus

Sonya K

1 February 2014

<span style="font-size: 15px;">‘Blogger’, Sonya, who runs ‘Australian Fatshion’ took up eARTh emag’s challenge to locate some eco-fashion in upsizes and was surprised at the results.</span>

Like most people, I love to shop. Back when I had a more disposable income, I pretty much bought something every week – usually online, but sometimes in store as well. Even though I haven’t been shopping in a fair while, my cupboard is filled to the brim. I honestly don’t think I could get much more clothing in there.

Sometimes, looking at the clothes, I feel a little pang of guilt. The vast majority of my clothing could be considered “fast fashion”. Even though I definitely do wear the items more than once and there are no articles of clothing that still have tags on them, I still get those guilty pangs.

I’m trying to live a slightly more environmentally conscious life and making small changes where I can do so. I try and buy animal friendly makeup and beauty products. I source my coffee from ethical companies. I buy eco-friendly cleaning products. Now, I’d like to try and introduce some sustainable clothing into my wardrobe (while maybe getting rid of some other stuff I don’t regularly wear).

However, I am plus sized. What does this mean? Well, it means that it can be much harder to be a conscientious consumer. When you’re plus sized, often, it can be just enough that a store has clothing that will fit you, let alone needing to think if that clothing is ethically made. And even if you find that holy clothing grail, it still has to suit your own personal style and budget. Often, all these factors don’t mesh.

I’ve been doing research into eco-friendly plus sized clothing and there really isn’t a great deal. Most of it isn’t my personal style at all and is well out of my price range. However, there is STILL some availability, so I’ve made a list of the stores (all online) that I think are doing a good job.

<span style="font-size: 15px;"><b>ONLINE ECO UPSIZE RETAIL – SONYA'S PICK</b></p></span>

Navabi – lots of linen in the mix, so is perfect for summer months.

Lorraine Hall – Lorraine Hall uses cotton, hemp, linen, silk and fine merino wool in her garments.

Mewv via Saffrona is an option for those who want something dressier, but still eco-friendly. Mewv use organic cotton, soy, hemp and linen and eschew the use of buttons, zippers and hooks. The best thing is, they have a very large size range. They are based in America though, so I believe you will have to contact them for international shipping.

Etsy is a great place to search for eco-friendly items of all types. Most sellers will custom make clothing and have relatively reasonable shipping rates. Here are my favourites:
Yanadee custom makes clothing out of salvaged items.

Gaia Conceptions has lots of simple, well-made clothing. Mostly winter wear at the moment as they’re based in America.

Pierogi Picnic are based in the US and have a new take on funky, trendy, youth-oriented eco wear. They will also custom make designs if requested.

Linne Sand doesn’t have very many items at the moment, but there’s a raw silk tunic on the shop that I am just dying for. I think it will be lovely and cool come the hotter months.

Take off Your Clothes has an avant garde looking approach to eco fashion and I am loving it. It’s totally right up my alley for trendy, sustainable, but just a little bit different from the norm of fashion. They’re also based in the US and will also custom make garments.

So, there are my favourites of the eco-friendly, trendy fashion out there for plus sized women. Do you have any others I can add to the list? I’d love to hear from you!

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