Dressing the part – Green Art

Sandy Barclay (right) with model wearing ‘BlueBottle Biosphere’. Photographs Andrew Seymour.

Dressing the part – Green Art

Sandra Conte


1 February 2014

The Noosa Biosphere Art Prize was established to recognise the diversity of green art produced in its region and the role art can play in creating a sustainable future.

The 2012 competition theme of Wearable Green Art required entrants to connect their work with the Noosa Biosphere Reserve. The $2000 prize pool for 2013 was shared between five recipients. Kathleen Hunt took out First Place for ‘Mutation’, combining the concept of consumer lifestyles and genetic mutation through pesticide pollution with the deconstruction of a coat hanger whose galvanising process uses Cr (VI) – a controversial pollutant explored in the film ‘Erin Brokovich’ as a known water pollutant, an environmentally damaging process. Highly commended awards went to Robyn Woodrow for ‘The Flora Dress’, a wedding gown made completely from recycled materials, mostly discarded books, which signified the marriage of human to environment. Rene Bahloo’s ‘Outer Skin Dress’, constructed and layered with natural fibres, the piccabeen palm and emu feathers local to the Noosa Biosphere, also took out one of the highly commended awards.

‘BlueBottle Biosphere’ was the name of Sandy Barclay’s Encouragement awarded piece, made purely from recycled glass bottles, inspired by the Blue Bottle species that is commonly mistaken for a jellyfish. Sandy used the Blue Bottle as being an analogy for the Noosa Biosphere Reserve given it is a colonial organism made up of many parts working together in balance and harmony. The final encouragement award went to Julie Johnson for the sculpture, ‘Harmony’. Recreating the human form, Julie constructed leaves from discarded black and reptile patterned upholstery pieces to represent the black cockatoo and the lace monitor. Under the foliage canopy is reclaimed, locally beach-combed rope to represent the roots.

Leah Barclay, The Noosa Biosphere Ltd (NBL) Cultural Board Member says the Noosa Biosphere Art Prize is about the response to the environment and the engagement in deeper conversations to better understand and showcase the environment.


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