Blackbird’s Bower

Blackbird’s Bower designs: textured bangles, arrow pendant; bird and branch ring.

Blackbird’s Bower

Alana Hall

1 February 2014

Self-confessed bowerbird Kimberley Mather creates a range of unique jewellery using recycled metals such as silver, gold, copper, bronze and brass along with eco-resin and found objects including shells, feathers, sea glass and stones.

Passionate about using ethically produced silver and stones, Kimberley can regularly be found combing the local tip market and opportunity shops for unusual materials to incorporate into her jewellery.

Kimberley’s interest in making jewellery began three years ago when she purchased a simple but unusual ring and became intrigued by how it was made.
“I decided to enrol in a six week silversmithing workshop for beginners which taught me the basics. I then moved on to intermediate and advanced courses and last year, was lucky enough to complete a workshop with the internationally renowned, New Orleans-based jeweller Thomas Mann,” Kimberley said.

Just three years after getting started, she has a fully equipped studio/workshop and is selling her hand made jewellery to customers all over the world. Visit her online to view more and request commissions.
instagram: @blackbirdsbower

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